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IST is a perennial “Best Places to Work” awardee for one reason, our team culture.


Our team thrives in a culture of Accountability, where every member knows what their contribution to the team’s goals are, what everyone else’s contributions are, and how each of us measures up (on a daily dashboard basis) to our accountability commitments. Our team thrives in a culture of Passionate Curiosity, where continuous learning and continuous improvement opportunities are encouraged, mentored, and funded at 3x our industry’s average. Our team thrives in a culture of Adaptability, where challenging field conditions, technical supply chain constraints, or even pandemic-related virtual working conditions create new opportunities for the delivery of our services that keep our client’s security system needs fulfilled. Our team thrives in a culture of Integrity, where open, honest communication, critique, and feedback are welcomed across the board to promote a clear understanding of each other, each other’s challenges, and each other’s appetite for growth; both personally and professionally. Our team thrives in a culture of Collaboration, where the entire team structures the company’s annual goals and then parses out the supporting tasks to each department and each member. At any given time, there is never a question for anyone at IST about why we are doing what we are doing, or how their activities support the accomplishment of the team’s goals. 

Those core values that create our team culture can be remembered by the acronym “Apple Pie And Ice Cream” (APAIC).  If you like our brand of Apple Pie And Ice Cream, consider joining the IST team. If you can thrive within our core values, you will learn what being with a perennial “Best Places to Work” team is all about.  Use the form below or call our office at (808) 836-4094.

Leading Hawaii to a safer place
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Leading Hawaii to a safer place
Leading Hawaii to a safer place
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Lead Security Systems Technician (Waipio, HI)

IST Security is looking for a self-motivated, technically inclined individual with a passion for the security industry to join our team in support of our customers. The right person for our team will be committed to our core values of trust, mutual respect and accountability.

Security Systems Technician (Waipio, HI)

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: performing startup, installation, closeout and service of jobs; assisting in design and other tasks as assigned while delivering on IST commitments.

Thanks! Message sent.

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