Extraordinary technology is powerful, with extraordinary service behind it.  Our team is exceptionally prepared with decades of experience, persistent training regimens, and organized communications.  We are committed to making sure that your system performs optimally, protecting your staff and your facilities around the clock.

The IST team delivers quality electronic security solutions that protect Hawaii’s government, its businesses, and their employees since 1998.  Our technical, experienced staff is called upon during all hours of the night, and across the Pacific to as far away as Kwajalein atoll, to support solutions that protect our country’s strategic and economic interests.  Local utilities, banks, hospitals, and educational institutions also leverage our outstanding Signature Service to minimize their security risks.

Leading Hawaii to a Safer Place comes with a responsibility that we take seriously.  If you’re serious about protecting your staff and your facilities, we’re confident we can help you. Call us today for a confidential assessment.

Christine Lanning, President

With over 20 years working in the information technology field, Christine always had an affinity for technology.  She earned a Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of Hawaii in 2001 and a Masters of Science in Information Systems from Hawaii Pacific University in 2004.

2020 marked a milestone as she was awarded the SBA Leader of the Year in Hawaii.  Something she uses to help promote women and minority owned businesses.


In 2014 Christine was awarded the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) Woman of the Year Award.  A year later she became the first women to be elected to the Board of Directors for PSA Security Network, North America’s largest electronic security cooperative.  In 2016 she was named Pacific Business News Women to Watch.

IST’s mission “Leading Hawaii to a Safer Place” reflects her commitment to the local community and the security industry.  Christine serves on several boards including AFCEA Hawaii, ASIS Hawaii, Associated Builders and Contractors, the Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Council, PSA Security, and the Pacific Club (oldest private club in Hawaii).


She is also an active member in the National Association of Women in Construction, CIO Council of Honolulu, InfraGard, and Navy League,

Dieter Giblin, Federal Programs Manager

Since 2015 I have been working to help support the Federal Government with solutions and systems that protect our armed service men and women.


I have a background in sales and marketing and had an opportunity to enter the Electronic Security Industry. Over the past few years I have a chance to help secure Various DoD and Federal Facilities in Hawaii and the Pacific Rim. The ever changing technology and challenges of securing interesting spaces has given me a new passion.


I look forward to what the future brings in technology and the changes that will help keep our Military personnel safer and information more secure.

Kory Rasmussen, Account Manager

When I came to the realization that I would not be taking my football talents to the professional level, I spent many nights thinking what I could do with the years of experience I had of knocking heads? After deep thought I came to a conclusion of what I really did in my years of playing, I protected my teammates.

This sparked an interest in what is now the beginning of my career in the world of security. After years of protecting my fellow brothers, I have now turned my talents to protecting others. It has always been a belief of mine the people deserve to be safe. I am extremely excited that I get to use my knowledge and past experience to do so.

Though this is only the beginning of my career in this industry, the life lessons that football has taught me will never leave my side. The heart, work ethic, and determination that lead to my success on the field will be put forth in this industry to give people the right they deserve, SAFETY.

Andrew Lanning, Co-Founder

Andrew Lanning is the Co-Founder of Integrated Security Technologies (IST) and has been in the computer and electronics field since 1982. He earned a combat-action ribbon for duties performed in the Persian Gulf while serving as a missile technician for the United States Navy from 1985-1993.

Mr. Lanning sits on the BOD of the Hawaii Information, Communication and Technology Association (HICTA), The Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) Cybersecurity Advisory Council, the Security Industry Association (SIA) Cybersecurity Council, and he is Chairman of the PSA Network Cyber Security Committee.


He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Hawaii in 1993, and a Master in Communications from Hawaii Pacific University in 2011.

Januari Santiago, Healthcare Account Manager

In May of 2016, I joined the IST team with no experience in the Security Industry, 1 year of MLM sales experience, and over 20 years of customer service and leadership & team building training experience. Essentially, I've been in the business of people and relationship management from a very young age. My grandparents had a heart for serving their community and passed it on to me. I spent most of my childhood and adolescent life attending leadership and team building trainings, workshops, conferences, and seminars. I spent much of my free time volunteering in the community and actively participating in leadership activities at school and church. 

If you told me then, that everything I was learning and doing would eventually translate into me becoming a Healthcare Account Manager for a security contractor, I would've laughed in your face. To me security was always those guys you saw at the mall in the white and black uniform pretending to walk around and occasionally scolding you for being too loud. I had no idea what it was, much less how important it would eventually become to me, and the world. 

I have since learned that my passion for serving others is best suited in this industry. An industry in which our customers rely on our knowledge and expertise to better safe guard the things that matter most to them. An industry in which security is often seen as an expense and not a necessity - a commodity rather than a valuable piece of the puzzle. 

The best advice is always honest and whole. The best service is always selfless and filled with love. And the best people always want to do what's best for others. 

Hunter, Employee Engagement Manager

I've been at IST since 2016.  My job is happiness in the workplace.  I'm sure I have more responsibilities like lizard hunting and snack eating, but hey I'm a dog.

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